Ride Profile Demo Reveiw

Thanks to Chris of Revolutionz in Norwich for the loan of a demo board, the 'Ride Profile 164'
After finally getting some deep powder out in Morzine, I got to try this board out.This is one sick, stiff, fast, mean, ruthless board that really kicked my arse the fist time i took it out. I don't think I was quite prepared for the kind of ride that this beast was going to give me. If you like speed, carving turns, and looking pretty cool while doing it, then the Profile is for you. It's responsive yet stable through the chop. It is on the stiffer side, but not too stiff where you feel like you have to throw all your weight into each turn. It floated through everything I put it through. I could ride normal, without feeling like I had to keep my weight back. In fact, I tried a few times to get the nose to dive and it didn't go down easily.

Tip-to-tail 3D wood core is 7% lighter than Ride's standard core, yet structurally stronger with triaxial glass providing torsional stiffness and snap. Core is reinforced with carbon fiber and KevlarŪ strips providing torsional stiffness and a quick response time. M1 "Swarf" angle cap construction reduces weight but offers a precise edge for increased hold and readiness to carve up anything. Metal edges, plus aluminum tip and tail deliver maximum protection and durability. Fusion 2000 sintered base provides fast, smooth rides through backcountry powder as well as hardpack, the Profile delivers a fine ride with confidence. A great powder board for a person my size.



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