Snowboarding in Morzine 25th Feb - 4th March 2006


The Week in General

Jacques and myself left Norwich for Geneva on Saturday the 25th Feb for our first winter holiday, what a surprise we had when we got to Morzine. Snow, snow and more snow. After a rather disorganised rush around at Geneva airport, I thought the Swiss were an organised bunch, we were collected by our transfer to the village of Morzine.
Yeeeeeeeeee Haaaaaaaaaa straight into the 'Irish Coffee Bar' were Nigel and Linda met us and showed us our apartment. Then we were off for our first session of 'après ski' at the 'Irish Coffee Bar.
Sunday morning couldn't arrive fast enough, we were out on the slope and waiting for Linda who organised us our ski passes and took us out for the first day. Sunshine and Snow, what a combination and a superb introduction to the real thing. After about 5 hours on the snow two very tired but exited peeps went of in search of a pint and a glass or two of 'vin choud' and then of back to the apartment to sleep.
Monday we went out on our own straight up the Pleney tele cabines and out onto the first run we could find and as a bonus it had snowed overnight and there was still a bit falling in the early part of the morning.  By this time we were starting to get to grips with the sheer fact that we were in fact on the slopes in superb riding conditions.
The next four days were spent enjoying ourselves on the slopes, traversing over to Les Gets on the Tuesday and then to Avoriaz on the Thursday.  Thursday was also our first taste of extreme cold and wind chill. I learnt a valuable lesson as well, never take of your goggles unless your inside as they get all foggy and freeze up in an instant and wind blown snow is worse than sand in your eyes because by now the goggles were around my neck a useless encumbrance, well until we found a restaurant were I could thaw them out and use them again.
Did we do any tricks, yeah I perfected falling on my bum, kissing the snow, NO not using tongues, collapsing n a heap larfing and getting used to numerous skiers telling me how well I could snowboard, using some of the most interesting combinations of doing words I have ever heard.
Will we be going again YES and as soon as we can, it was awesome, sweet, kewl, sick, brilliant and most importantly has improved my ride immensely.

Where to go

Le Break

on Rue du Bourg about 20 m from the Rex cinema -Cool snack bar  serving a full British breakfast with British bacon, beans and sausages.
Phone: 04 05 758405

Irish Coffee Bar

next to Le Crepu, a fantastic place for après ski, a really good crowd and fantastic staff. Many thanks to Thierry 'the boss', Tomo and all the staff for being the perfect hosts. Mmmmmmmmmm and fantastic 'Vin Choud' (similar to mulled wine) that really warms the cockles after a hard day on the piste.
Phone: 04 05 790700

Gravier Ski Shop

on the road up to the Pleney tele cabines if you need your board waxed or fully serviced this is the place to go, helpful staff and very importantly they speak fluent English. Hey if someone is going to work on your stick you need to know that they understand exactly what you have asked for.
email: info@gravierskishop.com
Phone: 04 50 79 04 27

the PARK

on Rue du Bourg almost next door to Le break
(http://www.thepark.fr web site not complete) the only shop that is exclusively dedicated to snowboarding, that's boards, bindings, clothing and advice.
Email : info@thepark.fr Phone: 04 05 490761


Website : http://www.intersport-morzine.com
Email : info@intersport-morzine.com
Phone : 04 50 79 14 24


La Rotonde

A great restaurant with a selection of regional dishes
Phone: 04 50 79 16 30