Kyle Wise



Years riding:



1st National Indoor Boardercross Championships Youth


2nd Farmers Jam Big Air Overall


Final Airwars Slopestyle Mens 16+


Xscapeology  Got furthest on the huge gas pipe spot prize



Ive been shredding since I was 8, instead of trying my usual skiing, I had a shot at snowboarding and have loved it ever since. Ive only really got into the freestyle side of snowboarding in the last 18 months though.

Ive been on a couple of McNab Junior Development Camps, which have really helped me improve. Training with other kids of similar ability really helps you push forward, each of us egging each other on and Ive made some good friends.

Hopefully Ill be going on a couple more camps this season. Depending how my school work goes, I just got 5 As and 4 Bs for my GCSEs so hopefully my A Levels will go just as well, which Ive just started. Ultimately once Im done with them Ill be able to do a season.

As for my UK season, Im going to start training on Norwichs new slope and enter as many comps as possible, such as the Burton Black Metal and Nokia Natural Born Riders.Hopefully this season will continue how its started, damm good!


Thanks to my Mum and Dad for funding my snowboarding and travelling me to comps, McNab coaches Keith and Dave, Neil for running the camps, Noah (although hell probably never see this) and Bryan for using this on his website.

Oh and shout out to Jamie form Norwich, hope his arm heals soon he can come shred with us again. 

Check out: www.mcnabsnowboarding.com

And hopefully Ill see you on the slopes!