My moment of the 2004-05 season
By Bags (Ski & Snowboard Instructor)

One of my classes finished tonight due to the heavy humidity of the summer hitting them hard and with any class finishing we sit down for a good hour chatting about boarding - stories come up of there experiences on the tiger, through white outs and heather dodging on cairngorms best they asked the usual technique questions, practice and kit info then hit to one that I always love to chat about and thatís the moment you enjoyed the best from your experience from my time on snow....

Now this is one I had to share as I have one per winter much like everyone else that makes it all worth while, where everything is right, beautiful and special through boarding. hope everyone else takes the opportunity to pop a mention of there winter's moment following this as I always love hearing peeps I've taught tell me what gets them hooked and why they love it ....

So its early march and I am awake at 4:30am at Waterville on the east coast of the US. I got asked along with a couple of others to go up at 5:30am as the sun is rising to do a photo shoot on clean groomed slopes before anyone else gets up - we make our way up to the mountain's base lodge freezing our jolly ass's off in New Englandís beautiful -25 morning chill waiting for the photographers to arrive - they had arranged a cat to take us up to the top peak where they could catch the first light rising over the mountain - as they arrive and we get sorted they realize that they will be knackered walking up and down for the next two hours so ask that a ski do can be taken up ahead and used to sort everyone after each shot.

My obsession with these is at its high at this point and I jump at the chance, stuff the cat I'm tanking it up on the skido is all I can think! I jump on and throw it into its 2nd gear and try to discover how fast these can go ....... 80mph later WHOOPING and OHHHHHHH YEAHING can be heard from down at the bottom over the noise of the cat as I Rip it up to the top of the mountain. If you think hitting a HUGE kicker is intense, try doing a roller up hill at 80mph on a ski do

I get to the top and realise those 5 mins of high speed chaos leave me with 30 mins of sitting and doing heeehaw till the cat makes it to the top. I park up beside the top cafe, head to the decking over looking the valley and sit back and wait as the others make there long journey up the hill. as I sit in the pre dawn purple ness you can see each and every color change as the sun gradually rises behind the mountains at the other side of the valley - of all the times I have wished I could take my camera for that perfect photo this is the one I hate my shortsightedness the most - I sit back and wait as I watch the most perfect sunrise alone at the top of the mountain while frost is glistening in the air and beams of light are piercing from the far side of the valley to where I am.

The cold is intense but the sight I am witnessing is so breathtaking that I canít think of anything else - so peaceful, so beautiful and Iím the only one up there. For all the powder days, perfect hits and secret runs I have done I wouldnít trade a single one for that moment where it was simply me with my board at the top of the mountain during the most perfect sunrise I have ever seen I think it made everything seem right - I donít know if any of you have had a moment on the mountain thatís so intense that it burns in your memory as strongly as anything else - but if you havenít I hope you one day get to - its worth it